Who are the people walking through the doors?


What mask are they wearing today?

If your people are showing up as who they are “supposed to be” (rather than who they really are) then your company is probably experiencing challenges with cross team communication, collaboration, and fire drills.

Chronic Stress? Anxiety? Toxicity? Heavy Energy? Just can’t get things done.

If your people walk through the door as their true, authentic, whole being then there’s no veil, mask, or mystery to figure out. There’s no beating around the bush, there no awkward silences, there’s not resentment, obligation or anger.

What there is - is connection, productivity, innovation, retention and yes of course there’s lots of sales, growth, and joy.

People’s happiness at work is not defined by ping pong tables, kegs, or video games. You win the best places to work awards because you actually deserve it, not because you’re creating policies to make it seem like you’re the best.

Give your organization the permission to LEAN IN and FEEL the culture you want for your company. Define it.

What’s it look like? How does it feel? What do you hear? Who is there? What are they doing? How are they being? Use your senses. Indulge and revel in it.

Now wake up and go get it…with CorElement Partners.

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