Cor Element Partners

Tina and Julie

Catalysts of possibility. Intuitive, curious and fun. Finely-tuned and resourceful. Solid. Powerfully living life with purpose.

We’re here and ready to reinvigorate energy, purpose, and creation back in to your workplace. Let’s awaken your people out of who they think they are supposed to be and in to the truth of who they are – in every element of life.


Tina Olsen

Co-FOUNDER and Partner

Management consultant turned cor element partner, coach, philosopher, and creative

Known for being a beacon of unconditional love

West coast-native, Berkeley-born, Chicago-based, World-bound

Yogi, runner, avid reader, veracious writer, and world traveler

Fascinated with consciousness, energy, movement, the cosmos and why we’re here


Julie Breckenfelder

Co-FOUNDER and Partner

Business marketer turned cor element partner, coach, explorer, and alchemist

Known for creating a world of truth

Midwest-native, Detroit-born, Chicago-based, World-bound

An auntie, boater, snow skier, yogi, soccer player, and bookworm

Fascinated with people, quantum physics, mindfulness, her nieces, energy, breath, and rocks (seriously)