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Robots don’t innovate


Unmask your competitive advantage

What’s the aspect of your organization that can’t be replicated. Duplicated. Copycat’d. Take a pause and really think about it.

You’ve been staring at this every morning when you walk in the office, during every meeting, and when you leave for the night.

Your people cannot be replicated.


“…energy, purpose, and creation...

corelement partners


Why we exist

The CorElement Partners are here to catalyze change through your only true competitive advantage: your people.

We each had 15+ year, highly-successful corporate careers, and chose to leave. Why? Culture cancer.

We’re not the only ones. Top employees are leaving at the fastest pace ever to become entrepreneurs. They know their true worth is not defined by seat time. They know that for every fear-based decision they have to respond to, their ability to create and innovate drops exponentially.

So like us, they’re taking matters into their own hands - taking full control of bringing purpose, passion, and creative change into the world…by leaving.

But here’s the kicker: they don’t want to go.

Keep your people with a culture that thrives on purposeful work, co-creates solutions, and serves the whole-energetic being, all while having fun along the way. And enjoy a never-ending supply of talent that wants to join your pack. (Just ask Apple, Southwest, or Zappos.) Creating a heart-centered, truth-filled culture isn’t easy. It’s very possible and so worth the conscious journey.

We’d love the opportunity to co-create your ideal culture with you!


Your People

Your Possibilities